Ministry Campus Volunteer Positions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Open Arm's Ministry Campus. We have been operating day to day through of the grace of God and the hard work of our volunteers.

Share Your Time And Talents 

Volunteer at the Open Arms Ministry Campus. Our volunteers are the hands and feet of our ministry and as a volunteer, you’ll make a big difference in the lives of people, while gaining valuable experience that can assist you in your own personal goals. You have a lot to offer the Open Arms Ministry Campus: your time, talent and passion. Below are just a few ways our volunteers help out at the Ministry Campus.

  • Driver

    To volunteer as a driver you must have a license, be 25 years of age or older and have a close to clean driving record. All drivers will have a driver history check done and are cleared with our insurance company. Drivers pick up food items from local grocery stores, farms, other food banks, and our warehouse. They also may pick up items from food drives and make garbage runs. We also do deliveries of food items to different agencies and/o...
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  • Event Volunteer

    A few times a year we host free food giveaways and food drives. We often need volunteers for these one day events.  Picture Apply Now
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  • Food Sorting and Boxing - Non-perishables

    Food is donated at our warehouse on a regular basis. All that food needs to have the expiry date checked before being sorted into boxes and put on skids. Groups and individuals are welcome to volunteer in our food warehouse. Apply Now
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  • Gardening

    We are pleased to announce that we have recently received a grant for 2016-2018 to assist us in establishing and developing our Food Central Learning Garden. This grant is funded in part by the Niagara Region through the Niagara Prosperity Initiative. We have a 5,000 sq. ft. garden and a greenhouse. The plants grown in the greenhouse will be transplanted to our large garden at the Ministry Campus. Client volunteers w...
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  • ​Driver Support/Handler

    As as driver support/handler volunteer, you will help the driver navigate to the various sites, help load and unload at the truck at the various sites. *Lifting Required Apply Now
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  • ​Food Sorting and Packaging - Perishables

    We also receive fresh produce and eggs that need to be sorted into individual or family sized portions.  Volunteers will sort items and discard any that are not good to eat anymore. Apply Now
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  • ​Food Sorting and Packaging - Raw Meats

    Donations of raw chicken, ground beef or pork are also received on a regular basis. Following our sorting policy, volunteers will temp and sort raw meat items, packaging them in the proper sized bags. Apply Now
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  • ​General Cleaning

    There are checklist posted around the Ministry Campus outline the daily and routine cleaning tasks that need to take place. Apply Now
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  • ​Outside Maintenance

    Volunteers will receive instructions regarding what yard maintenance jobs need to be done that day. This could include but is not limited to; gardening, lawn mowing, weed whacking, snow removal and yard clean up. Apply Now
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