Canada Summer Jobs Grant

Posted Jun 24th, 2020 in Announcements

We are grateful for the Canada Summer Jobs program which has allowed us to hire two summer students to grow fresh produce for our food programs and help take care of the large property at the Ministry Campus.

It's a great learning opportunity and experience for the students as well. "I was pretty much given a blank canvas," Sarah, one of our students, said. She has been doing research to add to her previous knowledge she gained working at Rice Road Greenhouse, to know how to best grow the seeds and plants we have to produce the best crops. "Hopefully this will feed a lot of people," she said motioning over the 5000 square foot garden.

Matt, our other summer student at the Ministry Campus this year, was busy weeding the raised beds where we are growing beans, lettuce, onions and more fresh produce. Matt said, "It's a lot of work" to keep up with the weeds and watering. Our new water pump system (that draws water from the pond and is on the back of the truck to easily move it around the property) should help make the job easier.

Thank you Government of Canada and Dean Allison MP for your help in getting the grant to give these students this work experience this summer and be able to grow our own fresh food for our food bank clients.


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