COVID 19 Update

Posted Mar 13th, 2020 in Announcements

Today (Friday, March 13) we are open for food bank and drop in centre. 

Because of our generous donors, we have lots of food supplies. We are always prepared for emergency!

We know that it is hard to stock up when financial resources are limited. But we have lots of food on our shelves for people in need in our community, so they don't need to have anxiety that they won't have to have enough in an emergency situation.

We are taking precautions to ensure cleanliness, wiping down all surfaces diligently with santizers. We have asked our staff and volunteers to stay home if they feel ill at all and would ask anyone coming to our drop in centre to stay home if they feel ill, so any illness does not pass on.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 14, we will be open for Saturday lunch at noon and will be serving lunch as usual.

Next week (Tuesday, March 17-20), our drop in centre (including breakfast, coffee and snacks) will be closed. The food and personal care bank will be open 9:00am-noon. As a precaution, we will be giving food out via the window. We want to ensure that people receive the food they need, but do not want to pass on illness, especially to vulnerable people. 

Next week, all volunteers will be asked to remain at home for their safety. The food bank will operate with only staff.

Next Saturday, March 21, our Saturday lunch will be available at noon for takeout only.

We take the health of our clients, volunteers and staff very seriously. Please check our Facebook page and website for any updates about services.


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